About ITV

Compassion and passion fuel our Mission to create positive change in people’s lives through the power of information. For over 20 years we have built one of the world’s largest health & wellness video libraries and have distributed our programs internationally to over 55 countries. We believe that information is powerful medicine and can be the catalyst to conversations that can truly make a difference in people’s lives. Now, more than any other time in history, the digital world allows us to reach people across the globe; who may have little to no healthcare available, but now with a cheap mobile-phone, can access our entire library and hear from the top medical experts in the field−opening their world in ways never before imagined.

We are inspired by this opportunity and driven by its challenge; to provide excellence in health & wellness programming−delivering a premium, vetted product that is trusted and unbiased, with the real power to change the way millions of people see their health.


ITV was founded in 1992 and operates from a dedicated 20,000 square foot facility employing approximately 40 full-time staff. For over 20 years, we have built an unparalleled reputation for quality health and medical programming with support from our network of prominent and renowned doctors, hospitals, and health-related organizations spanning every facet of patient care.

ITV is a trusted content provider for PBS, Discovery Communications, and ION Media networks, as well as GE Healthcare’s The Patient Channel (airing in over 1,800 premier hospitals through a satellite-fed closed circuit network). Our programs are also distributed internationally in over 55 countries, including UK, Russia, and throughout Asia and the Middle East.

We have received more Freddie Awards – presented by Medimedia, honoring “excellence in health and medical programming” – than any other production company since its inaugural event over 25 years ago. ITV has also received awards from the prestigious Emmy’s, Gracie’s, Telly’s and Auroa’s.

With an extensive library of health and medical content spanning over 600 half hours of original programming and a commitment to create new informative and entertaining programming; ITV delivers on all media platforms.



  • The Cutting Edge Medical Report
  • Techno2100
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  • Art of Women’s Health
  • Waging War on Cancer
  • eVenture Kids
  • Kids Healthworks
  • Exploration Health
  • Hall Pass
  • Food Affair
  • Kids Health Matters
  • Health for Life (partnership with GE Medical)
  • Patient Channel (partnership with GE Medical)


  • Disaster Resistant Homes
  • Designing Smarter Schools
  • Free to Breathe
  • Smart Growth
  • Growing Up Hispanic
  • Future of Our Schools
  • Science of Tai Chi
  • Science of Meditation
  • Science of Acupuncture


  • ITV Digital
  • Health Science Channel
  • NurseLulu.com
  • Webd.tv
  • Webdoutor.com
  • eVentureKids.com

Reeling in the Years


  • ITV launches Health Science Channel on Verizon In-Demand
  • ITV and HULU.com launch partnership to provide online long-form health content
  • ITV and Amazon.com continue to promote DVD health series with over 200 episodes available
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind continues to its 18th Season!
  • The third installment of Harmony in Motion, “Acupuncture” one-hour special debuts in HD
  • ITV produces “ASAP” for patient education, in partnership with Purdue Pharma


  • ITV begins working on a new health series for Public Television
  • Health Science Channel.com syndicates content to YouTube, Sharecare, Amazon and 5min video platforms
  • ITV produces 25 additional episodes of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind airs seasons 19, 20, 21 and 22 to Public Television


  • ITV begins and wraps production on the first season of Exploration Health
  • ExplorationHealth.tv goes live to provide streaming access to all episodes
  • Exploration Health season one begins airing on Public Television
  • ITV produces Novovision and Vycor animated product demonstrations


  • Second season of Exploration Health begins airing on Public Television
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind produces 16 new episodes.
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind seasons 26, 27, and 28 begin airing nationally on Public Television
  • ITV develops “Well+Being” for patient education, in hospital CC networks


  • ITV launches Nurse Lulu video website
  • WebD.tv and WebDoutor.com websites launch ITV digital platform in the United States and Brazil.
  • ITV and Amazon.com continue to promote DVD health series with over 200 episodes available
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind continues to its 30th Season!


  • ITV begins production of Waging War on Cancer special
  • Exploration Health introduces 7 new one-hour special episodes.
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind finishes production of seasons 30, 31, and 32


  • Art of Women’s Health Season two airs 13 episodes on PBS
  • eVenture Kids airs nationwide
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind provides 78 half hours of programming


  • 2006 Winner of FREDDIE Award for excellence in medical programming, finalist in six additional categories
  • ITV begins shooting/mastering in HD


  • ITV Celebrates 15 years producing award winning programs
  • HBHM produces 26 new award winning programs including a FREDDIE award and 4 finalist distinctions.
  • Disaster Resistant Homes premieres on Public Television
  • Waging War on Cancer with Paula Zahn series in production


  • ITV builds State-of-the-Art 20,000 Square Foot Production Studios in Boca Raton
  • Waging War on Cancer with Paula Zahn debuts nationally on Public Television
  • WWC Season II production starts
  • HBHM continues with 33 new episodes
  • ITV honored with FREDDIE Award and finalist in 4 categories
  • Developement of web showcase for ITV production begins as Health Science Channel


  • Waging War on Cancer with Paula Zahn Season II debuts nationally on Public Television
  • Health Science Channel.com Beta site launches with over 200 segments and long-form programs
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind produces 30 more half-hour programs through it’s 16th Season!
  • The Science of Tai Chi and The Science of Meditation one-hour specials debut in HD


  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Premieres. Industry comment: “Destined for Greatness”


  • ITV earned a record of three FREDDIES in one year


  • Kids Healthworks, a 25-part parenting series premieres,
  • GE Medical Systems and ITV began health-related programs in hospitals and waiting rooms, entitled Health for Life.


  • A wide variety of programs developed including e.Venture Kids, and a series of specials entitled: “Growing Up Hispanic: Children in Crisis, Free to Breathe and Smart Growth: Building Better Neighborhoods”.


  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind is the most carried healthcare oriented program on public television, airing to over 55 million households nationwide.
  • GE/ITV Partnership continues to air the Patient Channel bedside in over 1200 hospitals
  • ITV begins global distribution of cutting edge medical and technology programming


  • Techno 2100 series debuts


  • Techno 2100 receives recognition for its insights in to 21st Century technology.
  • Healthy Woman2000 received three outstanding awards
  • ITV honored at FREDDIE Awards for excellence in health-related programming


  • Hall Pass, the teen series received Addy Awards – Gold – Local, and District


  • The Art of Women’s Health series earns Gracie Awards


  • Kids Health Matters (Works) Premieres
  • The Art of Women’s Health achieves “Best National Network/Documentary Series”
  • ITV Digital Founded


  • ITV Founded


  • The Cutting Edge Medical Report launched
  • MeTV Founded

What We Do.

ITV has produced more than 600 half hours of original programming.